We are the Young Game Developers Association (YGDA), an uplifting community of young developers interested in game development: the intersection of art, math, computer science, and game design.

Aim for the top!


Alvan Caleb Arulandu

President (TJ ’23)

I am a self-taught developer who is extremely interested in applied mathematics and computer graphics. To me, game development is the prime example of interdisciplinary work; in the process of making games I love, I not only get to explore super cool algorithms but learn various creative software at the same time!

Jason Klein

Vice President (TJ ’22)

Hi! I'm tall (like a tree) and enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons as well as doing math, computer science, and art (notice the overlap with game development?). I'm actually combining all three of these for my senior research project (not in a game though), which should be super cool!

Matthew Lou

Secretary (TJ ’22)

I am interested in all aspects of game development, and while I am best at computer science, I don't let that stop me from trying out art, 3d modeling, and music! I find game development to be an amazing fusion of the creativity of making something and the more formulaic nature of programming.



Our Discord server is the heart of the YGDA community. It contains channels for all of the aspects of game dev, as well as places to get help and feedback. Most club-wide announcements go through the Discord.


Facebook tends to contain more of the administrative announcements, such as when elections are happening. The YGDA Facebook exists mainly to attract TJ students (since they're on Facebook anyway) and redirect them to the Discord.


Itch is a community for indie game developers (that's us!) to publish work without rediculous overhead as well as run game jams: time crunches where you make a game with a team given a theme and wacky restrictions.